Black Butte Vacation



Crew Stands Solo.

Today, Crew stood up on his own for 10 seconds. I was shocked. As soon as he realized he wasn’t holding on to anything he lowered to the floor. Silly boy. I figured out a way to trick him by having him hold a toy that I’m also holding onto… Like a flimsy diaper. He is so strong, and sturdy… Just needs to build his confidence. He was all smiles today though and laughing, I could tell he was just as excited as I was. 
Good job buddy!!!! I am sooooo excited for you. 


Beach Trip

sheps been wanting to go to the beach lately and the Rhee day when he asked if we could go justi just decided… YES. So we basically just hopped in the car and went. Phil was at work so it was just the boys and I. I listened to an audiobook on the way down to seaside and the boys napped the whole way. Crew had never been to the beach yet so he was infatuated with the sand and ate a ton of it. He kept finding the charcoal pieces from beach fires and trying to eat it. I was on high alert watching every speck that went in his mouth. But the it was the most peaceful day at the beach I’ve ever experienced. The sand was warm. There was just barely a breeze. It was perfection. Then we drove home about an hour and a half later. It was heaven. 


Rescue Bots.

A few weeks ago Shep & Phil discovered Rescue Bots. From what I understand It’s basically transformers for kids. Shep loves it. It’s all he wants to watch. I got him one of the Reacue bots from target the other day and he MUST have it with him wherever he goes. 

And I just realized it today…Shep has not talked about Lightning McQueen or Mack in over a week. Woah. So weird.

Shepherd…I wonder how long you’ll love Rescue Bots. I wonder if at your 4th bday, you’ll want a rescue bot cake. It’s sort of strange to see you trading favorites. First was Elmo, then Lightnjng McQueen… Each character becomes more sophistacated & complex. You enjoy the rush of all their rescue missions and love how strong the heros are.

 Today you asked me, “Mom, did God create Rescue bots?” And then later you said randomly, “MOM! Rescue bots are SWEET!”

I love you Shep. You rock dude.

Crew Taylor {8 months}


Crew Taylor…

What a big boy you are. Still content as ever. Sweet as ever. And while you remain happy and satisfied, you are never lacking curiosity and fearlessness. You’ll dive headlong from my arms to the counter if you see an irresistible wooden spoon. And you’ll plunge from a standing position on the couch to my arms as if you can walk already. Thank you for trusting me, kid. 

In the last month, here is what I’ve noticed you doing…

You give me high fives while you nurse. I love it. You love eating all foods. You even ate curry the other night. You crawl so efficiently and I can always tell when you’ve spotted something interesting because your hands slap the hardwood floors so rapidly and loud that I can tell you are going fast for it. Usually it’s one of your brothers cars. You are obsessed with doors suddenly. You love to crawl to a door and push it shut or open and close it. You’ve been shutting yourself in the playroom on accidently. It’s quite the task trying to get you to back up from the other side of the door so I am rescue you. You’re pulling yourself up on the furniture and I’ve seen you attempt scaling. You love to walk around the house holding our hands. You love taking baths with Shep. I am pretty sure I caught you waving to yourself in the mirror at red robin but only time will tell if that was for real. You love keys. You’ve been waking up more at night, because I stopped doing formula at night and got in the habit of breastfeeding you to sleep again. About a week ago I started formula again and now you’re only waking up 1-2 times. You’re napping twice a day and it’s just been this month that I’ve really noticed a sure pattern. Up at 7am- have your milk. Play til around 8:45- eat breakfast: usually fruit & oatmeal. Nap around 10 or 10:30am. This is usually a long nap… Maybe an hour and a half or 3 hours. {you like sleep}. Then, depending on when you woke up from your first nap, you’ll go down again around 2 or 4. Then like clock work you like to be asleep again for the night at 7pm. You are making life as your mama so easy. Thank you.

I am so thankful to have the opportunity to write about you as we are in Sunriver on a week long vacation. What a gift.

Crew bug you are a wonder. Always smiling. Always Snuggly. You are my love.

Love mama



“He’s eating my super hero” {Shep quote}

 We were on a drive from Bend to Sunriver after eating dinner with Gpa & Yaya. A few days earlier they had given Shep this batman. Crew was fussy in the car so I reached in the back for the first distraction I could find which happened to be batman. A few minutes later Shep complains… 

Moooooommmmmm! He’s eating my Super hero!”

Phil and I were having a completely different conversation up front- so of course this one made us laugh. Then he said something about crew spitting his “yuck yuck yuck yuck (he said it four times at least) spit on him.” And of course crew was making raspberries as is his favorite little baby sound. Poor batman.

Shep and Phil saw some deer on the way into the neighborhood so I dropped them off in the street and brought crew inside to snap this photo.


“Looking for the nipple.” {Shep quote}.

Phil and I are laughing so hard right now. Shep and I were playing on our bed just now and suddenly Shep gets a serious look on his face. He starts lifting the pillows searching seriously.

Me: what are you looking for, bud?

Shep: I’m looking for the other nipple.

Me: …the what?!?!

Shep: the nipple. (And he hold us a ear plug that he found).

After laughing uncontrollably Phil says, “it’s very concerning to me that that’s what he thinks a nipple looks like.”

“…talk the talking..” {Shep quote}

shep says the funniest things these days. I’ve already missed out on a ton of amazing quotes, but here was one from today….
“dad, I want to talk the talking that you’re talking.”
Basically he wanted to be a part of our conversation. Of course. Love you Shep.          

Crew {7 Months}.

Crew Bug…

my goodness kid. You sure have exploded in sweetness. As if you weren’t sweet enough to begin with. I am obsessed with you. I completely lose myself in your giant gummy grin and your puffy size 3 feet.

You are still the sweetness most content baby I have ever encountered. I truly consider it a gift.

You are seven months old now… almost 8 actually. You started army crawling right when you turned 7 months, and about two weeks later you were efficiently speed-crawling on your hands and knees like a pro. Something I am not sure I ever mentioned in my earlier posts is that your lip always quivers when you are extremely happy. Your pediatrician says that some babies wave their arms around, but some baby’s bottom lips quiver. It’s seriously the sweetest thing. Yours is usually accompanied by an inward breathy gasp through you giant smile. You look so much like your daddy when you smile. All day long you are entertained by Shepherd… and let me tell you your brother ADORES you. And he is truly an amazing big brother. He protects you from the choke-hazard toys by saying in a gentle voice “Not for you, Crew!” And he kisses and hugs you all the time. You love to pull his hair which makes him sad. But you’ll learn soon enough. You love to take baths with him. Except you always want to get out before him which sometimes causes a meltdown because Shepherd’s never ready to get out when you are and I can’t leave him alone in there.

John Papa & Yaya have you and Shep at the bike park so mommy had enough alone time to post this.  I just wanted to post something quick so that I could go back to my bible and continue praying for your daddy and you and Shep. I love you sweet boy. You are all my joy and delight these days. Nothing else has my attention other than loving and serving you and Shepherd all day (and night). Love you sweet babe.